D.O.R.C. is a global company specialised in the fabrication of instruments and equipment for ophthalmic surgery. The clients - eye surgeons from all four corners of the earth - are D.O.R.C.'s focal point.

As a global frontrunner on industry innovations, they needed an identity that’s just as premium as their products.

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The brand repositioning started with recalibrating the focus towards the products. Next, explored ways that celebrate products in the best way. Having established the goal, we continued with a touch-up on all the brand basics in order to be renewed while keeping recognition.

Dorc Identity
Dorc Photography

Thinking from a surgeon's perspective, it's all about demanding the highest quality in products. With the news principal photography, even the simplest disposable knife is presented as a cutting edge piece of equipment.

Dorc Photography

A second way of focusing on quality is showing all the details. Showcasing the EVA system - the flagship product - went from overview pictures to detail views in new perspectives.

Dorc Photography


We followed up with a complete line of stationary and product brochures. All brought back to a clear, premium look inspired by the products on a white background. For content heavy print such as catalogues we developed a grid system that ensures a mix between text, colours and images.

Dorc Stationary


Focal point of the new global website is the extensive product range. Every product is easy to find and presented with the attention it deserves. Flagship equipment takes the spotlight with extensive cases featuring many of the world's most renowned eye surgeons.

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Dorc Webdesign

Beyond products, the site serves as a support platform for customers and an HR platform. A custom module enables customers to put together and download a custom set of product sheets and brochures, while DORC's vacancies are shown through a custom made API connection.

Dorc Mobile